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Let me sleep

It’s night and I’m tired, I need sleep, peaceful thoughts and sleep, I suddenly think about the things I could have done that I didn’t, how I’m wasting my life away, i think of how someone else can do what … Continue reading

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The One and Only

Have you ever felt like you are all alone in a crowded place, like people don’t see you. Have you ever hung out with people and realised that it wouldn’t really matter if you were there. Like they see you … Continue reading

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A life less lived

You are unique and your stories are worth telling Continue reading

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User friendly?

Even if people do understand they might not want to say that out loud because sometimes saying things aloud makes them real and who really wants to admit that their friends don’t really like them? Continue reading

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Excuses excuses..

Outside, I was calm. I didn’t look him in the eye and faced downwards contemplating my response. Inside, I was dying or at least a part of me was. Continue reading

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