The One and Only

Have you ever felt like you are all alone in a crowded place, like people don’t see you. Have you ever hung out with people and realised that it wouldn’t really matter if you were there. Like they see you but they would rather not, like they wish you weren’t around.   
The things you say are not replied to, like you’re not a part of the conversation. They leave without saying goodbye as if the conversation you had didn’t really matter to them. 

The worst feeling in the world isn’t being invisible, it is when you know they can see you but it doesn’t really matter. 

The next time you see someone, on the outside feeling left out, take their hand and bring them in, save them from the rejection they feel, save them from self-doubt

Save them.


About thegirlwithablackscar

I am an ordinary teenager set out to do something with my life. The reason I blog is because i've always had something to say and I didn't know how to.
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