A life less lived

I absolutely hate it when someone says “Your life sounds so interesting, my life is really normal and boring.”

How can you say that? How can you possibly believe that everything from the day you were born is common?

You have said things, Felt things. Things that no one will ever feel or say. People think of you, more often than you think. You have been a part of so many memories yours and the ones around you.

Just because you haven’t climbed a mountain does not give anyone or you the right to make you feel like your life is in anyway lesser than theirs.

The day you decide your life is interesting, that day it will be. That’s the day you start telling your stories with flair and start believing that this is the most interesting life you could have, good or bad.

You are unique and your stories are worth telling.



About thegirlwithablackscar

I am an ordinary teenager set out to do something with my life. The reason I blog is because i've always had something to say and I didn't know how to.
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